Saturday, July 10

Dean hits Nader where it hurts

"Howard Dean wasted little time getting to the point in a debate with third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Friday. After listening to Nader's standard posturing about how only he can save the Democratic Party and the nation from the 'corporate interests' that have consumed politics and government, the former Vermont governor struck hard: 'Ralph, I think you're being disingenuous about your candidacy this year.'

In his rapid-fire delivery, the onetime Democratic presidential front-runner rattled off all the ways he saw Nader as a hypocrite: Nearly half the signatures Nader gathered in a failed attempt to get on the Arizona ballot were from Republicans. A significant amount of his campaign kitty comes from Bush-Cheney donors. And, said Dean, 'you accepted the support of a right-wing, fanatic Republican group that is antigay in order to help you get on the ballot in Oregon' -- a reference to the Oregon Family Council, which produces a 'Christian Voter Guide' and campaigns against gay marriage.

'This is not going to help the progressive cause in America,' Dean continued. 'The thing that upsets me so much about this is, you have the right to ... get in bed with whoever you want to, but don't call the Democratic Party full of corporate interests. They have their problems, we all have ours, none of us are pure. And this campaign of yours is far from pure.'"

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